4 Apps to Stop Texting Whilst Driving

Talking on the phone whilst driving is a distraction, but at least it allows you to keep your eyes on the road. The really dangerous practice currently sweeping across the western world is texting whilst driving. Texting takes the driver’s eyes off of the road for an average of 4.6 seconds out of every 6 seconds. During this time a car travelling at just 55 mph will cover the length of a rugby field without the driver having any idea what is happening in front of them.

Texting whilst driving will make your car insurance null and void and if you are involved in an accident, you are certain to be found guilty. Smartphone Apps have now been developed to actively disable texting whilst people drive. Here are the top 3 Apps to break the dangerous habit:

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Textecution is an App designed to allow the forced prevention of texting capabilities during driving. The Android App stops texting capabilities if the phone is moving faster than 10mph. If a passenger is using the phone they will have to request access from a Textecution administrator. Administrators can be a parent, guardian, or even an employer. They will receive a text notification of the request. The Textecution administrator will also be notified if the App is removed from the device. This App is available for a one-off charge of $30 – a small price for preventing unruly teenagers getting into a car accident that could at worst cost lives and at the very least affect your car insurance quote.


The tXtBlocker App is a customisable service, tailored for a voluntary market. It allows you to set times and locations in which you are unable to receive phone calls and text messages. This means that you can program your phone to reject calls during your daily commute, removing the temptation to return a text on the move. This App is available on a wide range of different smartphones and charges a monthly fee of $6.99. Whilst this App is a useful tool, the same thing could be achieved by turning your phone off before each journey.

AT&T DriveMode

This App is set up so that an ‘out-of-office’-style reply is sent to anyone who tries to contact you. It will block any incoming phone calls and messages so that you cannot be disturbed when driving. The App is free but it requires user activation before each journey, making it entirely optional.

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DriveSafe.ly is an alternative to the cancelation of messages. Instead, it reads out any text messages that you receive. It recognises shortcuts like ‘lol’ and ‘ttyl’ so that reading sounds natural and it also includes an auto-response to inform people that you are otherwise occupied. You can even choose whether texts are read out in a male or female voice depending upon the gender of the sender. This App costs $3.99 a month or $13.95 for a year.

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