4 Important Reasons You Should NOT Sell Your Old Car

When you buy a new car you should sell your old one right? Wrong! Selling your old car in the past might have been a good idea. Perhaps you would have got some of the money back you spent on it. But now, it could be a huge mistake. Here are some of the top reasons, why selling your car is the wrong choice for you.

Everyone Needs A Winter Vehicle

If you can afford it, by all means buy a new car. But assuming it’s still road legal, keep your old car for the harsh, winter months. You may not realise this but winter weather can damage your car an awful lot. It’s certainly going to increase the level of depreciation. So, rather than exposing your new car, lock that one away in the winter. Then bring out that old, yet reliable machine you were going to sell. Let it take the brunt of the damage instead. The best part is that this doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Just make sure you cancel the tax and insurance on whichever car is currently in storage, safe and sound.

Avoiding Legal Woes

You’d be surprised how many people end up with legal troubles selling a second-hand car these days. You may have heard a few examples of people suing for silly reasons. Well lately, people have been suing when they’ve bought a second-hand car that hasn’t been in good condition. They’ve won their cases too! It’s so important if you’re selling a car yourself that you make it clear you’re not an expert. You should not under any circumstances promise that the car is reliable. Just give them all the details you have received from actual experts. Legal problems is one of the major reasons why very few people bother with a second-hand car sale.

Missing Out On A Great Opportunity

Did you know you could donate your old car? Not many people do but with a car donation you can ensure that someone that needs a car gets one. Even if they can’t afford it. This might be someone who has served their country in a war. Rather than thinking about how much money you could make back, think about what you could give.

Depreciation Means It’s Not Worth It

Even if you did want to desperately make money from your car, you’ll probably find the price isn’t worth the trouble. That’s thanks to depreciation. People are constantly surprised by how much the value of their car has dropped, even over just a few years. You might have bought the car for ten thousand. But by the time you sell it’s probably going to be worth ten. Is that worth the trouble of what could be a long sale?

All these facts lead to an important point. Selling a second-hand car just isn’t worth the hassle anymore. At a certain point, you’d be better off just handing it over for scrap metal. At least then you can avoid the legal woes and you might still get a good price.

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