7 Reasons to Buy Electric Car Now

Electric cars are taking over the market, there’s no denying it. If you’re thinking about buying a new car, here are seven good reasons to buy electric.

The Environment
The electric car promises zero emissions and allows you to feel good that your driving is not contributing to global warming. Although they do create some emissions indirectly when coal is burned to generate electricity the environmental impact is still much less than the carbon emissions produced by gasoline engines.

High Gas Prices
Electric cars don’t need high priced gasoline. You can save money every week and slowly pay for your vehicle’s higher price tag. Every night you’ll go home and plug the car into your charging station and then do something else while your car charges. Never spend another minute in the cold pumping gas.

Rebates and Discounts
Most dealers are offering rebates for their electric cars because they want your business. This means that it is a buyer’s market. You can do some wheeling and dealing and end up with a sweet deal on an excellent ride. There is even a tax credit. On top of that, many car insurance companies offer discounts for drivers of electric cars.

Smaller Is Popular
Smaller cars are very popular because they maneuver better in traffic, and they park with much greater ease. If you are a commuter, you will appreciate your new found freedoms. Except for the Smart Car, which seats two, you will still have four seats and even a fifth plus a hatchback for storage.

There’s a certain amount of prestige in being first. You’ll find yourself smiling with pride when people want to look over your engine or instrument panel. They’ll be lining up to ask you about your unusual and environmentally positive car.

Techno-Geek Fun
If you are the type to want the latest IPOD or smartphone, you’ll love being the first to own some sophisticated technology. Most electric cars come equipped with every modern convenience. The cars will ‘talk’ to you, giving you advice on extending your battery life and pointing you to the nearest charge station if you are taking a long trip. Techno-geeks will love experimenting with all of the new instruments that come with the new technology. It’s like ownership first new iPhone or running the latest version of on your tablet.

Free Parking
Many cities now offer free and reserved parking for electric cars as a way to help curb pollution. Forget circling the block in a gasoline engine. Save time pulling up right in front of your destination and charge your car during your visit.

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