Best Eco-friendly Cars

Eco-friendly vehicle is a vehicle that causes less harmful impact to the environment compared to internal combustion engine vehicle that uses diesel or gasoline, Eco friendly vehicles are powered by alternative fuel and advance technology such as hybrid electric vehicle, battery electric car, compressed air vehicle hydrogen and fuel cell vehicles, this vehicles are also made in such a way that they uses less fuel this help in energy conservation as well as reducing the amount of carbon emitted to the environment.

Benefits of using Eco-friendly vehicle

· Environmental vehicle emission contribute to the increase in amount of carbon concentration in the environment which later causes global warming, use of Eco-friendly vehicle has helped in cutting down the amount of carbon released in atmosphere.

· Health vehicle pollutant induces respiratory complications and cardiopulmonary disease and lung cancer, many people loses their live as a result of air pollution all around the world, introduction of Eco-friendly vehicle has helped to cut pollution level down thus making environmental save.

· Monetary benefit Eco-friendly vehicle consumes less fuel this aid in saving a big percentage cash that would have otherwise be spent to buying fuel.

· Tax pay tax paid by a driver depends on how much carbon or pollution a car causes ,the use of Eco-friendly vehicle has helped in cutting down this price since the uses less fuel and causes little pollution their use is thus beneficial to environment and the owner

Due to increases in carbon emission the government had the option of discouraging the use of private car encouraging use of public vehicle in ordered to reduce the number of vehicle in the road their by cutting down pollution ,however the introduction of Eco friendly vehicle has made the government to now encourage it citizen to go for those vehicle that uses less fuel and causes less pollution,these vehicle are made of an engine that uses new efficient fuel such as LPG,that is environmental friendly.

Some of the best cars that are made with environment in mind include:

Chevrolet Volt

It one of the best car that is smooth and comfortable to drive on electric or gas that are environmental friendly when it is all electric one feels like in a spaceship. Chevrolet is a phenomenon car that is great American innovation it has played a great role in reducing environmental pollution, and also fuel conservation it performance is directly proportional to it performance.

Toyota Prius c

It the highest rated car without a plug, it is more fun to drive in this car than it older model, it has capacity to drive up to 25mph using electricity alone, it is almost automated thus having low maintenance cost, this car is a new fuel economy leader in the market, it a small but very strong model it has the agility and mpg of small car, its design is eye catching to almost anyone

Toyota Prius V

It’s a massive green car that is spacious for passengers and cargo it can carry 58% more cargo compared to the regular Prius. Its seat are adjustable they can slide forward or backward making it more spacious it is efficient in fuel consumption and less pollutes canDvla contact phone who offer more information on Eco-friendly cars

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