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4 Apps to Stop Texting Whilst Driving

Talking on the phone whilst driving is a distraction, but at least it allows you to keep your eyes on the road. The really dangerous practice currently sweeping across the western world

Not a Great Neighbor: Best and Worst Drivers in the US

Most people have seen the ads for car insurance companies, some featuring sleek reptiles, a man pretending to be an attractive girl out for a run, or a car destroyed by a

Discover the amazing features of Toyota Corolla

Toyota Corolla needs no introduction in the automobile industry and has been serving people since ages. The brand itself speaks so much that no doubts about the authenticity of the car can

Purchasing Your First Car – Consider a Ford?

Buying your first car is a moment that many people remember for their lives and many individuals have fond memories of the first car that they ever bought. A first car signals

New Fords To Read Your Text Messages

Ford has announced that it’s going to be installing a fancy new feature that will allow users to sit back and relax while their car reads their text messages to them –

Top 5 Car Gadgets

Everyone has had their favourite car gadgets realised in the last 10 years as technology on the road has advanced at an exponential rate. You don’t have to spend a fortune nowadays

Best Luxury Coupes This Year

Some people like their cars to look good and drive well – not to store hockey sticks, bike racks, muddy Labradors, suitcases or anything else. As a result, coupes have restricted cargo