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Won a New Car? Watch Out For Taxes.

Winning a brand new car is a dream for many who spend their days watching TV game shows or entering sweepstakes. Once that dream comes true, however, reality is soon to set

Ford Aspire – a study by Autoportal India

The Ford Aspire is the latest entrant in to the new segment of the compact sedans in the Indian automobile market. The sub-4 metre compact sedans are preferred for even daily use

How To Reduce The Price Of Brand New Cars And Trucks

Most people understand that it is possible to negotiate with second-hand dealers when purchasing a used vehicle. However, most people don’t realize it is possible to do the same with dealers selling

The Best Vehicles for the Year 2014

Cars are something that can never get old. Even vintage and classic autos are sold at soaring prices in a different Car auctions. However, we are not talking about old or vintage

Craze Of Leasing Company Cars In The Market

Car leasing has become indeed one of the best services in the present day scenario. There are lots of companies that are trying to provide lease car options to their customers. This

Luxury Cars Reveal Why Car Repair Costs Vary by State

Experts are trying to solve the riddle of state-by-state car repair costs. Why does Vermont have the least expensive repair costs, and why does New Jersey have the most expensive repair costs?

Know The Pros And Cons Of Leasing The Car

You may be a person who loves the cars. You may want own the latest model car, but you may not be having the financial resource to fulfill your dream. In such

The Racetrack-Ready Camaro Z/28 Is Back

It’s the little things that make the difference, especially at the track. Like shaving a few thousandths from the thickness of the rear glass. Or modifying the back seat to save nine

Check Online for Car Prices in India

When one wishes to buy a car within a certain budget, it does become difficult at times to select from the various brands available in the market. But now it has become

Basic Auto Parts – A Must For Every Car

It would be very difficult for you to drive in a loosely hanging nail on your wall or to drive in a screw to hang your favorite photo frames or wall hangings

Getting Your Car Ready For Winter

Winter is fast approaching in the northern hemisphere and this means snow, cold and ice is on its way. With the rough winter conditions coming up, it is important that your car

Checking Car Tire Pressure How to Guide

Car tire pressure is a commonly overlooked element of car service and maintenance. The effects of incorrectly inflated tires are multiple and varied. Handling, fuel efficiency, bearing durability, stopping distance and wear