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Luxury Cars Reveal Why Car Repair Costs Vary by State

Experts are trying to solve the riddle of state-by-state car repair costs. Why does Vermont have the least expensive repair costs, and why does New Jersey have the most expensive repair costs?

Getting Your Car Ready For Winter

Winter is fast approaching in the northern hemisphere and this means snow, cold and ice is on its way. With the rough winter conditions coming up, it is important that your car

Checking Car Tire Pressure How to Guide

Car tire pressure is a commonly overlooked element of car service and maintenance. The effects of incorrectly inflated tires are multiple and varied. Handling, fuel efficiency, bearing durability, stopping distance and wear

Top 7 questions you need to ask about your car service

If you’re looking for car service, there are likely to be a few questions you’ll need answered before you OK work being done or make any financial commitments. The best advice for