Choosing the Right Towing Vehicle

Choosing the right tow vehicle is very important. All manufacturers have recommendations about what their vehicles are able to tow and it is essential that you do not exceed this limit for safety reasons. Before looking to buy the boat or caravan that you have always wanted it is important to consider what you will be towing it with. If you have a great boat and no way to tow it safely, you will undoubtedly end up regretting the choice. This article will consider some of the aspects of tow vehicles to help guide you to a decision.

Vehicle manufacturers recommend that a new vehicle should not be used to tow for the first 800km at least. This will have an impact on the purchase of your holiday vehicles because 800km is quite a way to travel before your first get away. Tow vehicles necessarily need large amounts of maintenance so it is worth considering getting something which is designed to be abused and repaired. If you are able to fix problems with bearings and transmission by yourself with your UTE Toolbox then you will save large amounts of money on repairs.

If you wish to take your trips off of the beaten track when you are towing then it is very important to opt for a 4WD vehicle. This will stop you from getting stuck so easily with two vehicles to work out of the ruts. The towing vehicle also needs to be heavier than the loaded caravan or boat that you are towing so that it is safe to control. All of these considerations will depend upon how large the load you want to tow is so make sure you know that before you start.

Diesel or Petrol?

Whether to opt for diesel or petrol is really up to you. There are a few elements which will effect this decision:

Diesel vehicles are better for towing heavy vehicles such as large caravans. The power distribution is more economical when towing heavy loads.

  • Diesel is more readily available in rural parts of Australia.
  • A turbo diesel will provide greater torque and power for pulling heavy loads.
  • Petrol engines will provide more power and control.
  • Petrol engines will consume fuel at a far greater rate than a diesel engine.
  • Diesel engines need servicing every 5,000km, whereas petrol engines only need servicing once every 10,000km.

In terms of performance there will be significant and noticeable differences between the diesel and petrol engines. There will also be big differences in terms of fuel consumption so it is important to weigh up all of these options with regards to the overall cost of the vehicles.

Manual or Automatic?

Whether to choose manual or automatic transmission is really up to you once again. There are significant factors to consider, however, because towing a large caravan requires a lot of concentration. If you are unsure about when to change gear when towing, or are already daunted by the idea of driving with a caravan, then an automatic transmission is probably better for you. If you have experience towing then you will know that it is easier to maintain power and torque through gear changes when using a manual.

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