The Easiest & Toughest Motorbike Test Centres in the UK

Whether you pass your motorbike test or not depends on a number of different factors from how safely you drive to whether your eyesight is up to the task. While you’ve been preparing for your test, you probably haven’t thought about how the location of the test centre could have an impact on your chances of passing, but according to recent research from, you could be more likely to pass your test in certain parts of the country and face a tougher challenge in other areas.

The Easiest Test Centres

The research suggests that the easiest motorbike test centre is located in Stornoway in the Hebrides where they have a pass rate of 88.1% for both modules combined. This test centre is followed by Lerwick (83.7%), Carlisle (82.2%), Lee On The Solent (81.8%), and Swindon (81%).

Many of the test centres with higher pass rates seem to be in rural towns and areas with relatively small populations. It stands to reason that these areas may provide an easier test compared to busier areas as there is likely to be less traffic on the roads, giving a smoother ride.

The Toughest Test Centres

While the top 10 easiest test centres all had high pass rates, the research found that the 10 hardest test centres had significantly lower pass rates with a minimum of 10% difference and a maximum of 30% difference between the easiest and toughest test centres.

Glasgow (Shieldhall) ranked as the toughest test centre with an average pass rate of just 58.3%. This was followed by Basildon (62%), Enfield – Innova Business Park (62.7%), Erith – London (63.6%), and Darlington (63.9%).

It is worth noting that many of these areas are in busy cities where there is likely to be more traffic on the roads, making things a little more challenging for motorcyclists taking their tests.

What the Research Suggests

While it’s clear that certain test centres have higher pass rates than others, this might not necessarily mean that the examiners are any more lenient or easy-going than those in other parts of the country. However, it may mean that the local area provides a better environment for taking your test than busy city centres.

This doesn’t mean that learners should start travelling up to the Hebrides to get an easy ride as it’s important that you are able to drive in different conditions before taking the L plates off.

However, if you’re located right in between Gloucester and Swindon and you’re trying to decide where to take your test, you might just find that the latter is the one to opt for with a difference of nearly 16%!

Make sure to take a look at the research for yourself and see if your local test centre appears anywhere on the list of the easiest and toughest motorbike test centres in the UK.

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