From Drifting to Drag Racing: Tires That Tear Up the Streets

You don’t think much about your tires, save for the occasional sigh of exasperation when you pull a flat or are forced to replace them. But the right set of tires can transform a dull ride into one that elicits envy. Performance tires are no longer limited to drag racers. Ordinary drivers are lining up to incorporate these long-lasting tires into their rides. There’s plenty to gain from investing in a high-quality set of performance tires, but the following are a few of the most significant benefits:

Say Goodbye To Flats

Performance tires are far safer than their traditional counterparts, simply because they are better at resisting the heat buildup that naturally accompanies not only hot weather, but rough surfaces and hard braking. Overheating remains one of the leading causes of tire failure, so a heat resistant set will go a long way in preventing dangerous blowouts. TireBuyer points to Bridgestone Turanza tires as particularly adept at keeping punctures at bay, but in the event that one occurs, this model’s run-flat technology will keep your car from getting stuck on the side of the road.

Integration With Anti-Lock Brakes

Many of today’s vehicle models come equipped with anti-lock braking systems. This technology is designed to improve braking ability, particularly when it senses urgency on the part of the driver. When the brake is pressed in an urgent manner, the anti-lock braking system applies and releases the brakes at an incredibly rapid speed in order to prevent such dangers as skidding.

Of course, what your car salesperson won’t tell you is that an anti-lock setup is only as good as the tires with which it operates. A set of worn, unreliable tires is still apt to skid, even with the dozens of rapid brake applications put in place by your anti-lock system. A performance tire’s resistance to heat buildup ensures more effective application of anti-lock breaking systems, thus keeping the adverse effects of fast stops to a minimum.

Handling Like A Pro

If you want to feel like a NASCAR driver on your commute but cannot afford a fancy car, you can at least enjoy the feel of exceptional handling when you invest in tires such as the distinctive Goodyear Eagle Radial Race Tire. Designed for maximum response, the Goodyear Eagle allows you to take sharp turns while maintaining the ultimate in driving precision. You’ll find the difference particularly noticeable as you cruise down windy roads, where, with your old tires, you would have been forced to make your way with trepidation so as to avoid an unpleasant ride. Performance tires might not actually make your dreams of professional racing come true, but they can make you feel like the king of the road.

Harsh Weather Handling

Performance tires are not all made the same, so it is important to keep intended road conditions in mind as you choose the perfect set. Many drivers keep multiple sets of tires so that they can switch them out when the weather turns frosty. For those eager to keep high performance tires on year-round, Pirelli P6 Four Season tires handle well in a wide array of weather conditions.

From precision to safety, high performance tires can enhance every aspect of your ride. You may have yet to achieve your dreams of drag racing, but that shouldn’t stop you from enjoying the improved handling that accompanies a car equipped with performance tires.

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