Getting Your Car Ready For Winter

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Winter is fast approaching in the northern hemisphere and this means snow, cold and ice is on its way. With the rough winter conditions coming up, it is important that your car is ready for the challenge that winter is going to bring. Taking some simple yet important steps to winterize your car can save you a lot of money and hassle in the long run. You’ll be less likely to get in an accident and therefore more likely to qualify for low cost auto insurance.

Fill Up Your Fluids

Fluids will freeze in cold weather, or they will not help you drive in winter weather if not fully filled up. Your gas can condensate and freeze up if you don’t have a lot of gas in the tank. Keep at least a quarter of a tank on hand at all times. This will make sure your gas lines don’t freeze up and cause major repair headaches.

Other fluids that should be full are your windshield wiper fluid and your antifreeze. Your windshield wiper fluid being full will make sure you can get the salt and other gunk that can build up on the car while you drive in the winter. Having sufficient antifreeze will ensure your car will start at even the lowest temperatures.

Choose Your Tires Carefully

Snow tires make a lot of sense if you are driving in especially snowy conditions on a regular basis. If you have to deal with hilly terrain, you should have snow chains to improve traction and get you up those slippery hills. Having proper tires will allow you to drive without fear of spinning out or becoming stuck if the snow builds up on the highway.

Make Sure Air Circulation Is Okay

If there is anything blocking your heater, it is going to be hard to stay warm in the car. Have your engine checked out and make sure that all leaves and other debris are cleared from the radiator and from under your hood. Your car can ice up if you don’t have any heat flowing through the car, and you will be cold while driving to work in the morning.

Have An Emergency Pack

Have a kit with some emergency goods in it. Include batteries, water and a blanket in this kit. If the road was ever closed for a long period, or you spun out and had to wait for a tow, you should be prepared. Water will keep you hydrated and a blanket will keep you warm when you have to turn your engine off. A shovel and a jacket and gloves will also come in handy if stuck in snow.

The snow and cold is going to be here soon enough, so you should get ready now. It is better to be prepared and safe then stuck in the snow with nothing but luck to save you. It will snow, so there is no reason not to get prepared for it.

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