How to Get an Accurate ‘Man and Van’ quote

If you are looking to get your stuff from A to B and are looking to get the best possible value for money, then it pays to plan properly and do your research. Follow this simple guide to make sure you get a good service at a fair price.

Accurately assess your needs before you call

If you provide as much information as possible when you call for a quote you are most likely to get the cheapest quote. For any quote, how much information you provide is the most important influencing factor. If you are moving house for example, and are looking for help moving stuff, then don’t just say 4 bedroom house move, as the likelihood is that they will quote you for the maximum possible hours that this could take. Often they will assume that if you don’t have a proper plan when you call them, you probably won’t be that organised on the day.

How much help will you be providing on the day?

This is very important because it will have a big impact on the amount of work that will be required of the man and van on the day. If you are moving big items (such as sofas and beds) and are capable of loading and unloading at each end, make sure you let them know at the enquiry stage as this is sure to influence the quote. Just make sure you are specific- if you say you are going to help then the man and van will assume that you do as much work as he is. If not then just let them know.


This is also important for the man and van company to know as it will most certainly affect the timings. Man and van roles are typically physically demanding, and it will help them massively to know if there are three flights of stairs at the delivery address! This will allow them to plan their day’s work effectively. This is only fair.

Be Prepared

It is important to make sure you are fully prepared for the moving day. It is also a good idea to let your man and van know how prepared you will be on the day. If you can make sure EVERYthing is packed into boxes and any furniture that can be flat packed- is flat packed. If you let your man and van know that you have done this then you are liable to get a better quote- as they will appreciate your organisation as it allows them to get on with their job.

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