How to Perform Basic Car Maintenance

Car Maintenance

If you are a car owner then it is important to know how to look after your vehicle. Carrying out everyday repairs yourself will save you heaps of money and provide you with the satisfaction of knowing that your car is always in tip top shape. The first step is to learn what each part of your car is and what role it plays in the operation. Once you are familiar with the parts of your car there are simple steps that you can take at home with your ute toolbox to ensure that your car always runs smoothly.
When you get gas
Check your oil levels each time you fill up on gas. Oil is the element of your car which prevents everything from seizing and exploding so it is a very important part of the car. Make sure you check that the levels are correct each time you fill up with fuel.
Check coolant levels regularly. The coolant tank is usually located on the driver side of the engine and is responsible for stopping your engine from overheating. Replace the coolant if it is dirty and make sure the level is always appropriate.

Each week
Each week you should check your tires for damage. Driving with damaged or bald tires is an offence and could potentially cause you to lose points from your license. More significantly than this, it is your tires which transfer the power from your car to the road. If your tires are underinflated then you are losing power and your handling capabilities will decrease. Use an air compressor to keep your tires properly inflated to ensure the best fuel efficiency. Remember to check the inflation of your spare tire regularly too because a spare tire is useless if it is too deflated to use.

Each month
Make sure that you check all of your lights each month. You should check all indicators, brake lights, head lights and internal lights at least once a month. Any broken bulbs should be changed immediately to ensure that your signalling is properly understood by other motorists.

Every 6,000 kilometres
Change your oil. The oil in your car should be changed at around 6,000 kilometres. This process involves draining the oilfrom beneaththe car so it may be worth taking the vehicle to a mechanic if you are unsure about what to do.Rotate your tires. It is good to rotate your tires every 6,000 kilometres because they will get more worn out on one side depending on your wheel alignment. Rotating the tires will ensure that they have a longer lifespan as they will be more evenly worn.

Once a year
Check the quality of all wipers. The front and back wipers will deteriorate over time and will eventually break dangerously. Check the condition of the wipers at least once a year and replace all of the wipers at once if you notice any rubber damage.

Be safe
Always remember that safety comes first and be sure to make the effort to keep your car in good working order. If you have any doubts then seek the assistance of an expert. Always be sure to clean up any oil or fluid spills after working on your car as these could potentially cause a fire if left unattended.

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