Hyundai Recalls

Between October 2013 and July 2014, Hyundai set out to recall quite a number of their vehicles from the market in three phases. The target was to get back more than 418,000 vehicles from the roads as a result of various flaws. Most notably, there were questions raised about the oil leaks, brake systems and the suspension systems in these vehicles.

Of course there were several vehicles that were recalled, with the Santa Fe owners being some of the most affected drivers, considering that these vehicles had issues with their coil springs. The recall did not stop there either, as there were recalls for other models such as the Sonata, Veracruz and Genesis. In particular I will confess on this car blog that I really loved the Genesis, and I was surprised when this press release hit the internet. However, it is important that we heed such notices because by the end of the day, the company is only trying to make sure that we have a safe experience with the vehicles. That being said, here’s why I love the Genesis:

If you thought the 2014 Hyundai Genesis was something, wait till you get your eyes on the 2015 model. This machine is basically a beast compared to the predecessor. One thing that they have done effectively with this model is the fact that the Korean manufacturers have lived up to expectations of their upscale clientele and those who are serious about their image.

The new vehicle comes with a rigid rear drive and a HTRAC multiple mode all-wheel drive. It is important to note that this is a Hyundai first in as far as all-wheel drives are concerned, and takes the vehicle to another level of connectivity, safety and driver assistance.

The vehicle comes with 12-way power heated front seats complete with 4-way power lumbar and the ventilation is one of a kind. The seat also comes with a seatback bolster adjustment that makes it one of the most comfortable drives ever. The interior can take up to 123 cu. ft.; this is notably higher than any of the other competitors in the market are able to offer. In particular this is way better than the BMW 5 Series, Mercedes E-Class, Lexus GS and Cadillac CTS.

With a 3.8 liter direct fuel injection aluminum Lambda V-6 and D-CVVT variable induction and 311 horsepower this model is bound to entice even the modest of drivers as long as they appreciate what the vehicle is all about. In particular the engines work under the SHIFTRONIC auto transmission system indigenous to Hyundai.

The 2015 Hyundai Genesis also offers some of the best safety technologies for drivers, with a number of state of the art features that enable the perfect driving experience. Some of the features include the following:

Lane departure warning and lade keeping assist which helps the driver when on the road to make sure that you do not get out of your lane unconsciously through wheel vibrations.

This vehicle is also able to detect blind spots through the Blind Spot Detection (BSD) whose role is to monitor the traffic around the vehicle, helps you change the lane and detects any vehicle coming your way.

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