Is Car Insurance for Women Cheaper Compared to That for Men and Young Drivers?

Even in this modern period of the woman being treated as the man’s equal, the battle between the genders still rages on in inconspicuous battlegrounds. Examples of this are in the corporate ladder, where men are still deemed at times as more suitable than women for certain jobs such as those way up top the organizational chart, and the military and police force where, yes, women do have equal opportunities of getting in but are being whispered about in locker rooms and toilets. And yes, let’s not forget the area of driving and having cheap car insurance.

If you’re a man, you might not have even thought such an issue existed in terms of driving and obtaining car insurance. It really isn’t obvious; it is just that some women simply deem it as unfair if they get charged with the same premium as men do. The male human species, after all, are the more aggressive and more violent ones and they often carry these traits on the road. Women are generally gentler and more patient, on the road or otherwise, and they tend to adhere more to traffic rules and regulations. So it is with good reason that women look for cheaper car insurance policies, or at least cheaper than that of what men and even young drivers are being charged. First for Women Comprehensive Car Insurance is one of the first women only insurance providers and someone definitely worth taking a look at for discounted rates.

But is car insurance for women really cheaper? Yes, but this is in general and based on the aforementioned reasons, such as having a perfect driving record by virtue of her being patient and law-abiding on the road. She would still need to follow the same tips a man follows to obtain cheaper car insurance. She would be more suited to driving a smaller car. An older and more common model would be best, although indeed most women really opt for such anyway. A complete set of safety and security features will likely make her eligible for a discount with most insurance companies, as will an excellent credit history (proof that she can manage regularly paying her premium), certificates of having attended driving lessons, and outstanding grades (a B average or higher) if she is still studying.

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