Most Popular Used Cars – Best Buys on a Budget–Ford Focus

The Ford Focus is established as one of the UK’s favourite cars has been manufactured by the Ford Motor Company since 1998. It is reputed to be the best-selling car model worldwide although the Toyota Corolla runs a very close second. CAR magazine rate the Focus amongst the top 50 cars from the last 50 years.


Ford Europe introduced the Focusto the European marketplace in 1998. It was to be the replacement for their previous best seller, the Ford Escort.As a result of its popularity, the second hand market is very strong and anyone looking for a Focus will have no shortage of models to choose from – even on a very limited budget.

How much would You Expect To Pay For A Used Ford Focus?

Like most used cars, the price of a used Ford Focus will be influenced by:

  • Mileage
  • Condition
  • Age
  • Specification

For Less than £1000

For just £500 you can pick up a 2001 model with reasonable mileage and in perfectly acceptable condition. Extend to the full £1000 and 2003/3 comes clearly into view with sub 100,000 mile on the clock to boot.

Over £1000 – £2000

In this bracket you will find cars from as recently as 2005 with good specifications and low mileage.


There are plenty of contenders in this price bracket and the closer you can get to £5k the nearer you get to the present day. If you have, say £3k to spend you will have no trouble at all getting into a 2007 model with around 80,000 or less miles recorded on a 1.6L petrol engine and a high specification to go with it. The full £5k gets you a nice recent 2009 model with less than 60,000 miles, 1.6 diesel, air con, alloys and a decent stereo.


Let’s bring it all into Focus

It isn’t the UK’s most popular car for nothing. Servicing is relatively cheap, with a regular service being available for around £80 and a full one, including cambelt, coming in between £250-£300 from a number of suppliers. As with most cars, shop around and give the main dealers a miss unless they are running specials. Expect depreciation, these do not hold their value as well as, say, a VW, but there is always a strong used car market for Fords and the Focus is no exception.

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