Must-Read Tips For Those Long Car Trips Alone

Sometimes we just have one of those long trips we can’t avoid. Or even need a trip to ourselves once in awhile. Driving long distances can be a pain or it can be an absolute pleasure at times. But usually we take these long trips with others. When we’re by ourselves, we need to pay more attention to certain aspects of the drive.

Before you set off

Long journeys can be a breeze compared to inner city driving but they can put your car under a certain amount of pressure. Before you set off, you need to make sure you make all the right maintenance checks before you go. Your fluids, your tires and the like. In winter, it’s particularly important you look at what the weather will be like ahead of time and prepare. Winter is one of the most common and most dangerous times to find yourself stranded, so act accordingly.


Keep a kit ready

Of course, no-one wants to break-down, but it has to happen to someone. If that someone happens to be you, make sure you have your emergency kit ready. This includes things like jumper cables and a spare tire to help make rudimentary fixes to your car when possible. But it also includes some food and thick clothes or blankets to keep you warm. Or first aid in case someone gets injured. You should bring a high-visibility jacket and high-vis markers around the car as well, in the event you break down at night. Finally, keep a fully charged mobile turned off and kept in the glove compartment.


Keep a list of numbers on your person

You need that mobile in case you end up breaking down and your regular phone runs out of juice. That’s also why you need a selection of important numbers on you. Your breakdown service, for one. Your insurance provider if you end up in an accident. If you’re on a long trip and you end up losing your keys at one of your stops, it’s a good idea to have someone who can provide car key replacement on call as well.


Safety in mind

The most important thing on those all-day or even multiple day drives is to drive a lot more safely than usual. Give cars more leeway and relax your own driving. Also, don’t try to push yourself too hard. Getting tired makes your reactions lax which leads to severe accidents.  You can even get electronic devices to alert you of your tiredness. But it’s better to take a rest stop when you need it. Research ahead and know where some good stops are for when you need to stop and get a little shut-eye. Take the time to get out of the car and stretch as well. Muscles cramping on a long drive are more than uncomfortable, they can get dangerous.

Going on those big drives alone might not seem like a big deal, but it requires preparation. You need to make sure both you and the car are fit to make the journey. Keep all the information and tools you need on you in case something happens.

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