Purchasing Your First Car – Consider a Ford?

Consider a Ford

Buying your first car is a moment that many people remember for their lives and many individuals have fond memories of the first car that they ever bought. A first car signals new independence and the ability to travel from one destination to another with ease. For any people, their first car would have been bought on a tight budget and may not have been the car of their dreams; we all have heard many funny horror stories from drivers about the perils associated with their first vehicle.

For people who want their first taste of independent driving to be hassle-free, Ford motor cars are a popular choice; one of the reasons for the rise in sales for Ford are the attractive starting prices for their diverse range of vehicles. There are many different style and body shape of vehicles that make up the range; many people who have recently passed their test often prefer a hatchback style of vehicle as their first car as it is the style of vehicle that most driving instructors give their lessons in.

Consider your choices
When the time comes to purchase your new vehicle there are many factors you will need to consider; Ford offer a range of payment options for their range of vehicles, and independent dealerships are also likely to have a range of choices for you. If you are unsure about what type of vehicle is best for your needs then examine aspects of your life and consider what you will be using your vehicle for and how frequently you will be using it. A hatchback is a good all-round vehicle that can be parked easily and come in a range of different engine sizes.

If you regularly travel and need additional space, or if you have a larger family that require more room then you should perhaps consider an estate vehicle; these cars are longer and contain much more storage space in the boot than your average hatchback. 4×4 vehicles are ideal for people who live or work in the countryside and require a vehicle with extra grip and traction.

Find out more information
Further information on vehicles that you are interested in can be obtained by searching online or making enquiries with a local dealership in your area. The most important thing to remember is to have a test drive of any vehicle before you commit to buying it; often a vehicle can feel very different once you are behind the wheel and you may change your mind several times.

New cars tend to feel a lot bigger than older vehicles; this is because of the developments made in health and safety and vehicle production that mean modern cars are now more robust and more likely to handle better if in a crash situation. By taking time to consider your decision and research different types of vehicle you will be sure to pick a first car that you can look fondly back on in years to come.

Ford Direct approved used cars
Ford Motor company currently off an approved used scheme called Ford Direct dealers such as Jennings ford direct can supply cars and vans at discounted rates against main ford dealerships. This is a Ford authorised scheme so all cars come with 24 month warranty from Ford motor company and 24 month RAC breakdown cover.

The Ford scheme is especially appealing to new to market drivers as they can get a nearly new used car for the half the price of the equivalent brand new vehicle. Jennings call these vehicles like new cars and are visible on their ford website

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