Six Eco-friendly Car Care Tips

Even the oldest model cars can be made a little more eco-friendly with a few tips to keep them more energy efficient as well as to drive with cleaner emissions. Here the Carpartkings offer some car care tips to help keep your car a little greener:

  1. Tune ups: Sticking to a regular tune up schedule will allow for some much needed maintenance such as clean are filters that cut down on pollution and also help you to burn less fuel. For newer model cars you can actually save as much as 4 percent on gas mileage and improve efficiency by 10. If your mechanic should find a serious issue such as with your oxygen sensor you can see improvements to mileage as high as 40 percent with the proper repairs. Emission systems must be in tip top condition for a green car. Fuel filters should be replaced at least every two years.
  2. Easy Does It: Be careful when driving and try not to start and stop suddenly. Follow the speed limit and stop driving aggressively pumping on the gas pedal and break constantly. This will put too much wear and tear on your car and make it drive less efficiently. As well avoid short trips if possible and try to manage all of your errands at once.
  3. Empty Boot: Take anything out of your trunk that you don’t need. When possible keep it to the bare minimum making sure you have the emergency items required such as your spare tire and equipment to make repairs. This will cut down on fuel.
  4. Cooling System: Your cooling system thermostat has to be running properly. If it runs too cold it will affect efficiency. You can speak to your mechanic about an improved radiator cap to help your system run more efficiently and to help in reducing emissions.
  5. Tires: Believe it or not if you drive with tires that are not properly inflated it has a serious impact on your car’s fuel efficiency. Speak to your mechanic or check your owner’s manual for your optimal tire pressure. The worse the inflation the more rolling resistance which puts strain on your engine making it have to work harder. This not only makes your fuel costs rise but can damage your engine.
  6. Gas Caps: You may have heard that you have to stop filling fuel into your car when the nozzle shuts off or you will release harmful vapours into the environment. This also is a waste of money.  This is because gasoline will expand in your tank. As well it is important to be certain your gas cap is properly sealed with a good fit or else it will allow gas to evaporate into the environment. This is harmful to the environment and will cost you money as well.

As a final note try to avoid using your car’s air conditioning whenever possible. It is better for the environment and will also use less fuel. Following these few simple rules will help you drive a more eco-friendly car as well as help you save on fuel consumption.

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