How To Stop People From Stealing Your Car

Car crime is a growing problem in many countries around the world; if people don’t want to steal the contents of your car, they want to steal the actual car itself! Although there are sometimes trends where certain types or makes and models of car are vulnerable to car crime more than other, for the most part, any crimes committed are actually opportunistic.

In other words, if a thief is walking down the street and they spot something of value on display inside the car (such as a laptop or smartphone), they will just smash the window, steal it and run away from the scene. The only times that cars are specifically targeted is usually down to “orders” that rogue elements of society place with organised crime gangs, and quite often your car will end up being illegally shipped over to another country under a false identity.

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It doesn’t matter whether you drive around in a cheap, mass-produced car or a rare and exotic Italian supercar, your car could be the next victim of crime, it seems! But the news isn’t all bad, because there are some practical steps that you can take to ensure that your car does not become a victim. Here’s what you need to know:

Don’t leave items of value on display

As I mentioned a moment ago, if you leave any valuables on display inside of your car, you may as well be leaving them on the roof of your car and walking away because the only thing stopping a thief from taking those items is glass – and that ‘problem’ can be easily overcome in a split second.

If, for whatever reason, you do need to leave some valuables in your car, make sure they are out of sight such as in your car’s glove compartment or in the boot.

Buy a car with improved security

Some cars are just notoriously easy to break in, and if yours is one of those, I would highly recommend that you check out some cars with decent security in them from websites like

The benefit of doing this is they will find it extremely difficult to steal your entire car thanks to the clever alarm and immobiliser technologies employed in all modern cars these days!

Park your car somewhere safe

If you are the sort of person that usually parks their car at night somewhere really dark and unlit, you are making the job of a car thief extremely easy. This is because they will be able to break into your car and either steal the contents of the car or the car itself without being disturbed by anybody.

And worse still, you probably won’t find out that something has happened to your car until the morning when it’s too late! Having to deal with such a scenario is never a nice thing to do, and it can be a million times more stressful if you need your car to go to work, for example, and come out to an empty parking space!

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