The Best Vehicles for the Year 2014

Cars are something that can never get old. Even vintage and classic autos are sold at soaring prices in a different Car auctions. However, we are not talking about old or vintage classics in this article. We will be talking and discussing the prospective new designs of vehicles for the year 2014 and what should one expect from them. The following guide will make sure to make the right decisions before you make any hasty decision of depositing a large amount of your savings.


Many manufacturers will be coming out with advanced and never seen before models. The year 2014 is supposedly is considered to be a great time for motoring. The first model that tops the list is Renault Twingo – Due Autumn. This all new model will be featuring a five door structure along with a sturdy and muscular appearance that was not found with the previous model. It will have a rear engine and a platform featuring rear wheel driving option. With the winter already hitting hard in most of the parts of the world, it is time that you also buy Aftermarket Fog Lights for the model in advance.

The overall structure will be slightly longer than any outgoing auto.  The cabin will have more space than the previous models. The engine is powered with 900cc three-cylinder. The weight of the car is less than 1,000kg, and it will have 65bhp. The price of the car will be around 9000 Euro pounds and still the buyers will have a lot of options with color choices, customizations and alloy designs. The company will also be coming out with all electric versions soon in the middle of the year 2014.


BMW will be coming out with Active Tourer in late 2014. This model will be supposedly BMW’s first time promoting front-wheel-drive. The vehicle will be featuring both 1.5-litre diesel and petrol engines. Out of them, the petrol cars will be accelerating with 0-62mph. Until now, the automaker has come up with two types of concepts and both of them feature 1.5 liter engine that is united with an electric motor.

The car model is more focused on the practicality, and there will be MPV roofline than any particular, better than any usual BMW presently on sale. Safety options like head-up display and lane departure warning will be some of the most outstanding features of the car 2 Active Tourer. The auto will be priced around a tag of £20,000.


Car lovers have been waiting for Ford to come out with their most promising model till date, which is Mondeo. The vehicle will make an entry in the market 2014 during the autumn season. Ford eventually promised for Mondeo in the year 2011. The design of the vehicle is sleek and looks pretty good according to most of the experts. It will be featuring 1.5 liter turbo petrol along with three cylinders Eco-boost for a maximum of 1.0 liter. The diesel options will be around 2.0 and 1.5 liter. It is also a fact that the cars will be emitting less than 100g/km of CO2, which is one step towards a greener planet.

Auto significant others have been sitting tight for Ford to turn out with their most guaranteeing model till date, which is Mondeo. The vehicle will make an entrance in the business 2014 throughout the pre-winter season. Portage in the long run guaranteed for Mondeo in the year 2011. The outline of the vehicle is smooth and looks really great as per the majority of the masters. It will be offering 1.5 liter turbo petrol on top of three chambers Eco-help for a greatest of 1.0 liter. The diesel choices will be around 2.0 and 1.5 liter.


The year 2014 will be full of options for vehicle fanatics.  People who have been planning for many years to buy a decent auto can find the year 2014 the best time to do so.

Summary:  The year 2014 will be the best time for car lovers to make the best decisions on buying cars. The car makers will be focused more on the design and styling of the latest cars.

Author’s Bio: Joana Hall is a proficient writer. She writes about the new car models and designs that will come out in the year 2014. Her writings always contain authentic information & she regularly contributes articles on various automobile related topics like aftermarket fog lights on all the time.

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