Tips to lower your car insurance

In the current climate of ever-increasing car insurance prices, it can be easy to feel that the odds are stacked against you when looking to renew your policy cheaply. Fortunately, there is a wealth of information on the internet that can help you find the best deals and avoid paying over the odds.

Some of the best, most practical advice comes from the moneysupermarket car insurance experts, who say that the following measures form the essential first steps along the road to cheaper premiums.

Park somewhere safe

Moneysupermarket statistics show that more than 50 per cent of thefts occur at night, so if your car is left out on the street or on your drive, it has a much higher chance of being stolen or broken into. Keep your car locked away out of sight in a garage and your insurer will reward you with a lower premium. If you do not have a garage, parking the car as far away from the street as possible, such as on a driveway behind your house, is the next best thing.

Mind your mileage

When you renew your car insurance policy or take out a new policy, you will be asked how many miles to travel by car each month. To make sure you are not spending more than you need to, carefully calculate how many miles you actually drive rather than just going with a rough estimate. For example, if you occasionally get a lift to work rather than driving your own car in, deduct the appropriate number of miles off your final total. Do not deliberately under-estimate your mileage, as this could render your policy invalid, but equally do not say you are driving more miles than you actually are, as this will lead to unnecessary expense.

Cut back on extras

Your insurer will most likely offer you a range of additions to your policy that you may or may not need, depending on your circumstances. For example, if your car is damaged in an accident, your insurer may offer to provide a courtesy car so that you can still get around while your car is being repaired. However, if you have a partner or friend who can offer you a lift while your car is out of action, you can save money by declining your insurer’s option of courtesy car cover when you sign up for your policy. Equally, the optional extra of legal expenses is something that will add cost to your premium when you might feel it is an unnecessary extra.

Alarm and immobilise

Your car insurance costs will come down with every security feature you add to your vehicle. By installing a sophisticated car alarm and an immobiliser on your vehicle, you can save significant amounts of money on your premium.

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