Top 7 questions you need to ask about your car service

If you’re looking for car service, there are likely to be a few questions you’ll need answered before you OK work being done or make any financial commitments. The best advice for consumers is to make sure you’re absolutely clear about any costs or warranty issues related to your service. If you’re confused by terms of service or don’t know exactly what you’re paying for, you really must ask questions about these issues.

You should be aware that if you agree to a service company carrying out work without checking the terms of service and other information, you may be paying a lot more than you need to pay. After receiving a quote, you have the option to accept or reject that quote. It’s critically important to be absolutely sure what you’re paying for, and know how to get what you want.

The questions you should ask

The most important questions are all pretty basic, but you need straight answers:

1. Will I get a fully itemized quote, including parts and labour?
The fully itemized quote, with full disclosure of all costs upfront, is best practice. You really shouldn’t have to guess about any expense related to your service. There’s no good reason not to provide this information.

2. What are the payment terms, and what forms of payment are accepted?
In most cases payment on the same day as completion is the normal process. You should receive clear information regarding types of payment options including types of credit card, EFTPOS, or industry payment options.

3. What does the warranty cover?
This is a particularly important question. You should receive a clear statement of warranty coverage. Typically, industry best practice types of warranty cover parts and labour conducted by the car service company.

4. What are the service hours?
This question can save you a lot of time. Many car service firms are very efficient, and can provide you with same day service or next business day service. If you know the time frames you can arrange your own schedule more efficiently.

5. What are the prices for routine maintenance?
The best car service companies have fixed price fees for scheduled, standardized service jobs. You should be able to see a clear range of fees for this work.

6. What are the prices for particular types of service job?
Specific jobs can be carried out for fixed prices. You should ask about the particular job you need done.

7. Are there any charges for travel fees?
“Travel fees” may include charging for a service person to go and get a required part, or traveling to the site. This type of charge may not be disclosed on a quote. The best car service companies don’t even charge for this service.

Car service really shouldn’t be a guessing game. Ask questions, and find a car service that gives straight answers.

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