Top Tips For Selling A Classic Car

It’s time to sell your classic car.

Yep, the moment has arrived – and like any old friend, a classic car is likely to hold a special place in your heart. But when it comes to a vintage vehicle, those feelings can intensify greatly.

However, it pays to remember that you’re selling the car for the greater good. Either it’s to placate your exasperated wife and avoid divorce, or you have your eye on a new (old) model.

Whatever the reason, it’s important to follow our advice for selling your classic car, which will help you obtain the best possible price for your pride and joy …

Keep it clean

The trick to this one is to make your car look like a car you would want to buy. How? Well, it’s simple – clean like you’ve never cleaned before. That doesn’t just mean the obvious parts of the car, but under the bonnet, in between the seats and even inside the glove box. A clean, well presented car is guaranteed to sell easier than a motor that resembles a pig sty on wheels.

Find a reputable site to advertise

Nowadays, almost everything is done through the internet – and selling a classic car is no different. Use a specialist website like Classic Cars for Sale to ensure your vehicle reaches the widest possible audience of enthusiastic classic fans. In addition, contact local car clubs to inform them your classic is for sale, as they can be a good source for word-of-mouth advertising.

Honesty is the best policy

Classic car owners are a smart bunch, which is why you should be as transparent as possible when it comes to selling your vehicle. Keep a folder full of paperwork relating to the car, such as registration documents, instruction books and repair bills, and ensure you’re fully aware of all the cars strengths and weaknesses. Put simply, the more information you give a buyer – information that can be backed up – the more likely they are to meet your asking price.

Pricing your classic car

You want a decent price for your car – that much is obvious. But making sure you don’t scare away potential buyers is crucial. Yes, you’ve invested a lot of time and money into your classic, but it’s important the vehicle is priced fairly for the market. Additionally, you must also consider what the lowest offer is you’d accept and still be happy to let the car drive off into the sunset…


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