Understanding Xenon High-Intensity-Discharge Headlights – BMW Style

If you haven’t heard of them yet, you’ll be sure to hear more about them soon as xenon HID headlights become more and more popular. You’ve probably already seen him on the road during your travels. These are the headlights that are slightly bluish and extremely bright. In fact, they can be three times greater than regular halogen headlights.

Xenon headlights are much more intense than the regular light bulbs you’re used to seeing and a lot of drivers are now complaining about their blinding effect. For this reason, manufacturers that provide these headlights with their vehicles use technology to make sure that the headlights are aimed slightly higher than normal.

Xenon headlights first hit the scene in 1993 when BMW put them into select models. Since then there have been copycat headlights manufactured that are really just regular incandescent bulbs with blue glass or having a blue coating. It’s quite difficult to tell the difference between the two during normal travel since they both appear blue, and when you are zooming past a car going in the opposite direction, you don’t have a lot of time to examine their headlights.


As an aftermarket part xenon headlights require a separate transformer, which is known as a ballast. It is not a matter of simply replacing the existing bulb in your car with a new xenon headlight. You’ll need to purchase a full assembly that includes not only the bulbs but the ballasts as well.

You’ll find these HID headlights being offered with higher-end vehicles and being packaged with premium options. They are quite an expensive headlight option, but when it comes to lighting the way down the road, they are in a class of their own. Highway signs shine brilliantly when these types of headlights are aiming on them.

Most users agree that once you have tried xenon headlights you’ll never want to turn to anything else again. The future looks promising and bright for these headlights, and since they are now being offered as an aftermarket package, everyone has the opportunity to attach these premium headlights to their vehicle. The future is now when it comes to headlights and xenon HID bulbs are definitely leading the way towards optimum driving conditions.

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