What Does Your Car Colour Say About You?

They say that you can tell a lot about a person by the color of the car they drive. For many, a car is an extension of their personality. It represents both the type of person that they wish to be and the type of person that they are. There’s a reason that cars are such a popular hobby and perhaps this has something do with it.

We all make assumptions about drivers based on the appearance of the vehicle that they’re driving. If you’ve ever pulled up at a set of traffic lights next to a twenty-something male in a pillar-box red Jag, you’ll know exactly what it feels like. Would you make a different assumption if the Jag was brown, for example? Would you make a similar judgment about a driver in pillar-box red Ford Fiestas? Probably not.

The question is, do such judgements have any validity? Are people who choose yellow cars as forthright and ostentatious as they perhaps seem? Do drivers in more sober coloured cars have more sober personalities? Let’s find out.


First up is the classic choice, the ultimate power colour. People who own black cars are typically very calm and very collected. They appreciate elegance and like to think that they know the value of understating rather than overstating. Ivillage.com journalist Tara Weingarten points out that lots of businesswomen tend to choose black cars, because black is a colour that speaks of empowerment. People who drive black cars rarely get worried or confused.


A white car speaks of fastidiousness. Such drivers tend to take a lot of pride in the upkeep of their vehicle and like to clean it often. They have well organised, well thought out lives and covet honesty above all things. They like to think of themselves as clear, direct and uncomplicated.


People who drive silver cars tend towards financial opulence and generosity, even if they are not very well off. A metallic finish is indicative of real silver, so speaks of money and prestige. These drivers are careful not to be overly showy, but they do take pride in their possessions. According to Madalina Iancu of autoevolution.com, the driver of a silver car would probably not be happy driving a bog-standard gray model. Their appreciation of subtle elegance means a lot to them.


People who drive yellow cars tend to be extremely friendly and very, very happy with their lives. They have sunny dispositions and they are comfortable with being in the spotlight, though they do not chase it. They usually have a great sense of humour and are very young at heart. It’s official- people behind the wheels of yellow cars are great people to get to know.


And now to what is probably the most controversial colour of the bunch – bright red. Unsurprisingly, these drivers are just a little bit showy. They love being the center of attention and they love to have fun. Bright red shades speak of dynamism, vitality and energy. They also speak of sensuality. You better keep your wits about you, because these drivers are always on the lookout for something a little bit reckless. Though these drivers can seem a little shallow, more often than not they are the best kind of people to hit the bars with – as long as they leave their little red roadsters at home.

Author Bio: Kevin Maddox is a personality-coach and BMW fanatic. She is currently working with Cooper BMW to raise awareness of their many UK dealerships and the latest in BMW technology.

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